Pet euthanasia rates are still too high, but they are down

I just read an article with new data out that pet euthanasia rates continue decline. The number of pets euthanized each year is now approximately 3mm which is down significantly from 15mm forty years ago. This is especially interesting in light of the fact that there are approximately 150% more pets today.

It seems that the animal rescue community and changing preferences for adopting over breeders along with various legislation is continuing to make a meaningful impact. Spaying and neutering and no-kill shelters have been especially helpful.

Three million is too high (1 is obviously too high), but I was delighted to see that the numbers continue to come down very fast. You have seen a tipping point, and it would seem that it is going to become socially unacceptable very quickly which might turn every area into a no-kill area.

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