Forming Charity

At this point, we are not registering Mav’s Rescue Friends as a charity even though that was our original intention and is still our goal longer term. As we learned more about what registering entails and thought through the responsibility of accepting donations from others, we concluded it would be prudent to learn for several years before we established guidelines for exactly how Mav’s Rescue Friends will operate. The two primary issues at hand are:  1) in order to form a charitable organization, we would have to lock ourselves into detailed operating procedures that we do not have enough experience to set as of right now, and 2) we would not feel comfortable accepting donations unless we were completely confident that we would be able to give away other people’s money in a responsible manner.

It is our hope that we will be able to establish a charity around Mav’s Rescue Friends and open up to external funds in the future, but for now we put a charity page on the site with some ideas of organizations that we have found inspiring over the years and look up to. There are lots of great organizations in the world that need volunteers and donations, so if we are able to help out in any way with our experiences please do not hesitate to email us.

We are not sure right now how Mav’s Rescue Friends will evolve but are hopeful we will be able to make an impact over time.

“To err is human, to forgive, canine.” ~Anonymous

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