About Us

As we ultimately will ask people to entrust us with donations, we thought we might put a little info about us on our site. Mav’s Rescue Friends will only be about one thing: helping animals. We have a great love of all animals and the goal behind the organization is pretty simply for us to try to help advance the work of the many great animal-focused charities in our own small way. We have been thinking about trying to launch a small charity for a few years but ultimately decided that you have to start somewhere.

The real genesis for Mav’s Rescue Friends started when we were young and even more naive (well, Jen has always been wise beyond her years). Although we have both always loved animals, we unfortunately did not know enough at the time to go to a shelter or find a rescue organization. We did however manage to find a wonderful miniature pinscher puppy we named Maverick and excitedly added him to our family. And, before you ask the question, Maverick is named after the Dallas Mavericks not after Top Gun!

Maverick has been with us for as long as we can remember and we have been amazed by how much love and joy can be packed into such a tiny frame. This is the Maverick: the man, the my, the legend.Although we have changed a lot over the years, Maverick has always been a constant.

We have never met a dog we did not love, and after hearing far too many stories of pets that could not get the care they needed whether because they were abandoned or families were not able to afford appropriate care because of financial issues we decided we wanted to try to become more involved in helping animals in need. We think ten years from now we will look back in this country and think about how crazy it was that we put millions of dogs and cats to sleep each year and hope the many animal lovers out there will help correct this issue sooner rather than later.

We have been fortunate to be part of incredible organizations over the years that do amazing things for others. We know we will only be able to help a fraction of the number of animals most organizations have helped and do not know how Mav’s Rescue Friends will evolve, but we are both hopeful that we will be able to help out a number of families and pets over the next few years and that we will grow as people and learn something along the way.

If you have found this site and know an organization or individual in need, please have them email us and we will do our best to help. Also, if you have any ideas for us or other organizations you think we should work or chat with we would be delighted to know. As you can tell we hope this effort evolves over time, so please check back with us in the future and see how we progress.


Maverick, Cosita, Jen, and Adrian Meli

email address:  maverick@mavsrescuefriends.com

“If you get to thinking you’re a person of some influence, try ordering somebody else’s dog around.” ~Will Rogers