Against Malaria

I was recently made aware of a charity called the Against Malaria Foundation that is doing amazing things from what I can tell. Malaria is a huge problem and kills millions of people and this foundation’s mission is to raise money for nets to save lives.

Their website has a great deal of information and makes donating extremely easy. For a few dollars, you can buy a net that will help save an individual’s life. As I read more, I realized how unaware I was of the huge issue Malaria still is and about how these nets can help save a great deal of lives.

Malaria kills over a million people a year and sleeping under a net that is treated with insecticide is apparently the best way to prevent it. The mosquitos predominantly attack at night so being under the net at night is largely sufficient. The website points out that for every couple of hundred nets purchased a life is saved.

Numerous websites I have come across rate this charity very highly, pointing out what a large percentage of the money donated goes to the nets and how little goes to administrative costs. If you are looking for a charity that is well run and does a great deal of good, I highly recommend you look at this site. You can do a great deal of good with a  little amount of money.

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